Jack Hinz

I started diving in the late 60’s in the Midwest’s many lakes and quarries – two hose regulators were still in vogue and BC’s didn’t exist and most “life vests” were just that and often appropriated from commercial airliners.  Before coming to New England I did manage some warm water diving in the Carribbean as well as limited cave diving adventures in northern Florida.

I moved to Massachusetts in the early 70’s and became a certified diving instructor. I’ve always enjoyed diving in New England despite the cold and poor visibility and continue to do so in the present along with Jane (my wife) and  the help of my 27’ boat “Cool Breeze”.

Treasurer & Secretary


Jane Howard

Jane began diving in the late 1960’s in response to a flyer left on her car in a parking lot at MIT where she was working. The flyer promoted a class offered at the Cambridge YMCA taught by Jerry Comeau. Through his class, Jane became friends with another Cambridge resident, Sandy Walls, who was a member of a dive club which owned a World War II landing craft, the “Aquanaut”. The club kept the boat in the Gloucester Marina and members made week end boat dives around Cape Ann.
Sandy dove avidly becoming a dive instructor. Jane enjoyed occasional diving with her. That would be the end of the story, except the dive club also had a member, Jack Hinz, who kept the “Aquanaut” running—even to the point of installing his old Chevy car engine into her. (Someday let him tell you the story of when the boat finally gave up the ghost and the club tried to bury her at sea.) Well, when Sandy got married, both Jack and Jane participated in the wedding. They dated; they married; they started a family; they stopped diving. Temporarily.
Every September, around their anniversary, they booked a dive trip on Fred Calhoun’s “Easy Diver”, but most times the weather cancelled the dive and they just enjoyed being near the ocean. In that interim from diving, Jane became a Girl Scout leader and treasurer for the Girl Scout organization in her town. Jack saved money and eventually bought a used boat, “X-Wing”, which they enjoyed for 12 years, often with friends from the dive club that had disbanded when “Aquanaut” was finally sunk.
When “X-Wing” became fragile, the commitment to diving was cemented with the purchase of another boat, “Cool Breeze”. The people who came boat diving with them expanded to friends they made on warm water dive trips organized by Paul Adler of East Coast Divers. Thus through friendship and osmosis Jane advanced in diving and through time spent with two daughters honed skills in managing an organization’s treasury."

VP & Activities

Frank Miller

Frank Miller

Hi, I'm Frank Miller and have been a diver since 2012. I am a die hard, I can't seem to get enough. I dive all year round including ice diving. If you like to dive as much as I do, I have days during the week off, if you would like to go just give me a jingle. I try to get out 2 times per week in the summer.



Membership Coordinator

Marcelle Champagne

Marcelle Champagne

Grew up in Webster MA, on the worlds longest named Lake. I love the water, be it Lake or Ocean. Certified in 2009, went on to Advanced and Nitrox Certified. Approximately 250 dives.

From Cape Anne to Cape Cod, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, Mexico-Playa Del Carmen, The Cenotes Cave- Caverns, Kauai. Dream trip, Fuji Islands. My love of Marine life has me mezmerised on every dive, every trip is such an adventure I wish more of my friends and family would share these experiences with me.

Once the subject of Diving is brought up, I feel like I am selling an excursion, it is a sport that every dive, anywhere, is always an adventure. I enjoy many sports, from boating , Snow and water skiing, zip line, biking, ice-road blading, but nothing compares to Scuba Diving. I hope I can encourage more future divers,and bring in more seasoned existing divers to our club. Thank You, and May The Seas Be Calm.


Karen Ferrante

I started diving in 2004 when I learned that the only way to see turtles was to become a diver.

Since then I have logged 450 dives in various places, from cold water in Gloucester, to warm water in Hawaii, Bonaire, the Cayman's, Belize and a few other dive sites, to include the New England Aquarium's big tank.